About the Journal

International Journal of Medical Justice [IJMJ] publishes original researches, peer-reviewed observational, experimental and clinical studies, meta-analyses, review articles, case reports and invited reviews in the fields of medicine and allied subjects. Apart from this journal also entertains conference paper, unpublished data, letter to the editor etc subject to the approval of the editorial board. Papers deemed to be accepted for publication must meet all the criteria of originality, priority, scientifical actuality. All the submitted papers will go through rigorous review process.

All the manuscript will be returned to the corresponding author in case not following the submission guidelines even without reviewing. The decision of Editor in Chief, IJMJ will be final in all respects. Patron/Editor reserves the right to reject the manuscript if they have of the opinion that that the paper is not suitable for the publication/review.

Journal Policy Statement:  As per policy of the International Journal of Medical Justice, IJMJ we have voluntarily adopted  olicies prepared by the WAME Ethics and Policy Committee (formerly the Publication Ethics and Editorial Policy Committees) are available at https://www.wame.org/policies. We also endorse the recommendation given by International Committee of Medical Journal Editors [ICMJE] available at https://www.icmje.org/recommendations/. We acknowledge that , the WAME and ICMJE does not endorse any journal  and also does not have any journal as member.

Disclaimer: All the authors are directed follow approved guidelines given by International Journal of Medical Justice while preparing manuscripts. Howsoever We have no objection if the authors follow standard guidelines [WAME or ICMJE] in preparing the scientific manuscripts. We endorse WAME and ICMJE as a reference point for guidelines in absence of IJMJ guidelines.